Deovlet Wins Top 100 Winery!

Jan 11th 2020

Deovlet Wins Top 100 Winery!

Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

And this photo explains how Ryan Deovlet just won the Wine & Spirits Top 100 Winery for 2019!

In fact, it's the third timeDeovlet has won Wine & Spirits Top 100 award—the first time was in 2014 only six years after he launched Deovlet Wines.

The Wine & Spirits award is so significant not just for the sheer number of wines submitted -- more than 11,000 this year -- but also for the two-phase blind tastings that select them.

Deovlet says his success comes from spending time in the vineyards."Ulysees Valdez, one of my early mentors, told me to take off the lab coat and get into the vineyard. And that's what I do."

Since he doesn't own the vineyards himself, he collaborates with the vineyard crews to try new approaches. "The crews probably see me coming and say 'What is he out there for now?' In all seriousness, they know I want to make the best wine from the vineyard and they trust my suggestions."

The difference comes through in the wine, as the Wine & Spirits blind tastings have shown again and again. The Central Coast competition is stiff--this year more than 350 wines were submitted from 140+ wineries including Liquid Farm, Paul Lato, and Stephen Ross.

It always feels good to support small independent producers, especially the ones who knock it out of the park again and again.That's why Deovlet is a must-have.