​Andre Mack does it again!

Jan 16th 2021

​Andre Mack does it again!

Look familiar?  It's the unforgettable new “In Sheep’s Clothing” Cabernet Sauvignon from Andre Mack, popping up in retailers across the country.  No wonder - the wine is pure genius, an over-achieving Cabernet in a casual disguise.

Of course, people who know Andre expect him to deliver top quality. The French Laundry experience. The James Beard nomination. The New Yorker accolades.

For Sheep's, he sources from Columbia Valley's Wahluke Slope and Red Mountain, where many of Washington's best Cabernets originate.

And true to his mission to make wine for the 99%, "Sheep's" retails for roughly $20.

The name is a hat tip to Alonzo Harris (Training Day) : “to protect the sheep you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf.”

It's also a nod to Andre's original brand, "Mouton Noir" (the Black Sheep).

People are already clamoring for this wine—please let us know if you'd like to pick some up.