A Wine that Unites

Nov 18th 2020

A Wine that Unites

Gauging by the elections, the national mood is for more consensus, possibly a little more love.

Now for a wine to match. A wine that brings people together.  That unites Cab and Pinot drinkers. Foodies and hedonists. The brawny and the brainy!

For the ultimate consensus-building wine, Peter Mathis Grenache is a hands-down winner. As Peter would say himself, it's not a wine that "causes one’s brow to furrow contemplatively"-- rather, it’s all "about laughter and the celebration of life, of eating and drinking with delight."

This was Peter's vision when he first fell in love with wine more than 30 years ago, when his estate was but a twinkle in his eye. After rising through the ranks at Ravenswood, where as lead winemaker he defined the signature style that catapulted the brand from obscurity to fame, he knew exactly what he wanted for his own artisanal estate project. Small. 100% hands on. Exceptional quality. Nothing quite like it.

First he selected an incredible site at the base of Moon Mountain near some of the most prized Cabernet vineyards in California. The site is idyllic for heat-loving red varieties -- volcanic soils, elevation, slope, southern exposure. People thought he was crazy not to plant Cab!

But he chose love over money and planted the best Grenache he could find.

He selected an heirloom clone from France - instead of a high-yielding type typical in CA - for its small berries that produce concentrated flavors. For blending grapes, instead of the traditional GSM trio, he planted Petite Sirah and Carignane for structural, spice and fruit components. And a little Alicante Bouchet for color.

He's a classic vigneron who makes his wine in the vineyard. (He loves that tractor!) He farms organically with biodynamic practices, and he applies all the artisanal touches found in world-class wines - light-touch vinification (native yeasts), neutral French oak. As his label says, "I Grow It. I Make It."

Being thoughtful about the guest experience, Peter book-ends his beloved Grenache with a gorgeously "gulpable" Rosé de Grenache that's been a staple at great restaurants for many years.

His newest release is a powerful red blend featuring Petite Sirah, called Über Blend. No relation to the ride-hailing company (the wine was named first!) but it will get your motor running!

And these, my friend, are quintessential feel-good wines.

Which works best for your program?